One of my favourite things to turn is bowls for a number of reasons.  The primary reason is there functionality.  Wooden bowls have been used for centuries to hold and share food and a variety of other substances and have been prized objects passed along through generations.  Another reason is that many bowls display many lovely properties of wood as depicted below.   I very much enjoy seeing these properties emerge from the wood as the rough block takes shape on the lathe.  


Live Edge Maple Bowl (10″ x 6″)


12″ Plum Bowl


14″ Live Edge Maple Bowl


13″ Live Edge Plum Bowl with Bark Intrusion


13 ” Spalted Maple Bowl



11″ Silver Maple with Bark Intrusion Bowl


11″ Box Elder shallow bowl


15″ Maple Fruit Bowl


15″ Oak Fruit Bowl


Nested 15″, 11″, 9″ Live Edge Maple Burl Bowls


15″ Live Edge Maple Burl Bowl

13″Spalted Sycamore Bowl
8″ Squared Edge Bowl


  1. Bowls are gorgeous, I shouldn’t have got so many but loving them all. The candlesticks are unique and very special.

  2. Wonderful pictures and great bowls, Gaalen. This inspires Ling and myself to create artifacts ourselves!

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