Photo Gallery


Live Edge Maple Bowl (10″ x 6″)

15″ Maple Plate

16″ Maple Vase


Birch Platter with pith grain

12″ Plum Bowl


17″ Maple Platter with quilted figuring

16″ Live Edge Douglas Fir Bowl

14″ Live Edge Maple Bowl

13″ Live Edge Plum Bowl with Bark Intrusion

13 ” Spalted Maple Bowl

17″ Catalpa Platter

16″Maple Plate

7″ Maple Sphere on base Trophy

Maple Tea Light Holders

Plum Candle Sticks

16″ Birch Plate

12″ Silver Maple Burl Bowl

11″ Silver Maple with Bark Intrusion Bowl

11″ Box Elder shallow bowl

15″ Maple Fruit Bowl

15″ Oak Fruit Bowl

Nested 15″, 11″, 9″ Live Edge Maple Burl Bowls

15″ Live Edge Maple Burl Bowl

Arbutus Bench


  1. Bowls are gorgeous, I shouldn’t have got so many but loving them all. The candlesticks are unique and very special.

  2. Wonderful pictures and great bowls, Gaalen. This inspires Ling and myself to create artifacts ourselves!

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